February 04, 2019

Although Rugby is a simple sport of cleats and gumshields, having the proper equipment was also difficult.  Our club grown from 9 girls, to 14 girls and 18 boys and with that growth, equipment is essential.  Our girls and boys practiced with "Betty Blue."  A giant blue blocking dummy used in football.  We used it for tackle practices.  Betty Blue always got injured.  In fact, Betty Blue was patched with silver duct to prevent the tiny spongy cubes from dislodging itself from each tackle.  After every session we found ourselves taping the bag for another round of tackling and in hopes that it does not break.  Eventually to salvage the bag we would soft tackle amongst each other and only deliver big hits with betty blue.   We would use penny jerseys to mark, start and stop markers for speed and agility workout.  These were the only equipment our Rugby club had.

Select Dedicated Solution sponsored new rugby equipment for the Laredo Catan Youth Rugby Club.  Their sponsorship brought much joy and cheers.  When news broke to the club, everyone leaped for joy and cheers.  The new equipment helps prevent injury, enhance the safety of tackling, and enables the youth to practice at full capacity or in other words play at their full potential.   Because of Select DS each youth team, have their own 3 sets of the real tackling dummies, agility cones, speed markers, a set of ruckers and a scrum machine to engage upon.  The equipment has been such a blessing to our club and it definitely has up our game to the next level. 


Mr. Garibay said this, "We are more than happy to sponsor the equipment, so as long as you are good stewards with the equipment as we have, with the things Select DS has been blessed with."

We thank Select DS for their sponsorship and this life lesson.  Whether it is time, money or talent, we are to "be the best stewards over those things we have been blessed with."


March 25, 2019

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Donate or Sponsor a Player, Equipment, Jersey, Travel, or the TEAM

February 23, 2023

The mission of Laredo Catanes Youth Rugby (LCYR) is to instill in the youth of our community the ideals of solidarity, fidelity, support, commitment and choosing the right so that they may grow to be good citizen in the community and be great Stewards of life. These objectives will be achieved by providing a consistently competitive rugby program and serving our neighbors. It is the balance between the discipline of rugby and the enjoyable camaraderie of service, which provides a fulfilling experience for our young athletes.

In March of 2018, Laredo Girls rugby came in 2nd in the State Championship and the Laredo Boys rugby finished in 3rd. The LCYR continues to give back once a month to the community, for example LCYR served veterans and surviving families of veterans with Gigi Ramos Non-Profit Organization, Volunteers Serving the Need. LCYR received recognition from Senator Zaffrini and is promoting the Senators literacy program. LCYR also participated in the Laredo Mountain Bike Team conducted by City Councilman Algelt, even Christmas caroling at multiple Senior Citizens Center throughout Laredo. These character building services lifts ours spirits to represent and play for all of Laredoians, their families and each other. LCYR is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), tax exempt.

At this time, we are asking businesses to help off-set the cost of the trips and purchases of the proper equipment for practices, travel arrangements, and to host a rugby clinic and small rugby tournament in Laredo, by providing sponsorship and/or donations. The anticipated cost of these trips are high and need your support to continue to compete and grow this sport that has significantly made a difference to our young athletes. For more information or follow us on Fb and instagram: @laredocatan.

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After watching the kids run, tackle and engage for position of the ball, Victor Cruz, found himself confused,  "Is this football? its soccer? their wrestling?...What kind of backwards football is this? " Rugby is not difficult to understand once you listen to the positions and trust the process (players), I found Rugby to be similar to an Insurance policy,"  said Victor Cruz,( Agency Manager for Laredo Texas Farm Bureau Insurance of Webb County. )  Mr. Cruz sees the parallel of the Catans Motto and Core Values to his everyday work.  " Its important for the public to know the importance of choosing the right insurance, when it comes to insuring their life, auto and home," Cruz continues, "We are proud to sponsor important values and a team that is driven by their Motto of, "Choosing the Harder Right then the easy Wrong." 

The team will proudly represent Texas Farm Bureau Insurance WEBB COUNTY.  "This is who we play for, we are the only team in Webb County and are truly grateful for Texas Farm Bureau Insurance for believing in us and our core values, teamwork, respect, enjoyment, and choosing the harder right then the easy wrong."  The Catans are in the upcoming tournament in Houston against 4 other teams around South Texas.  The Laredo Catans are excited and honored to represent their FAITH, their FAMILY,  and definitely LAREDO's tight knit community during this years tournaments.

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Disclaimer:  Laredo Catan Youth Rugby does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.