Coach Lavulavu

From Oceanside, CA to Laredo, Texas


Coach Lavulavu and his family moved to Laredo, Texas in October 2015.  Lavulavu and his family moved to Laredo through divine intervention and has felt the blessing from Laredoians. 


Coach Lavulavu has a great passion and love for the youth.  He enjoys coaching all kinds of sports and desires to use his talent in coaching life skills through sports.  Lavulavu, played Rugby growing up.  He says rugby is a sport of loyalty, dependability, respect and true comradery. "It is important that we give our time to our future.  Through Rugby, we can teach life skills and the importance to choose the harder right then the easy wrong...Rugby teaches us to move on when life tackles and keep moving forward, continuously....that is a hard lesson today for our youth, with Rugby they can see and feel that already and we hope will prepare them for the next life challenge."  


Lavulavu and Leah have 6 beautiful children and are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  After a summer of Rugby tournaments in California.  Their eldest son and daughter returned with a love and desire to start RUGBY IN LAREDO.  One of their favorite things is spending time together and getting to know everyone they meet.  They Love God and Love their neighbors.  Lavulavu's definitely want to meet everyone, and invite all youths and their parents or guardians to join them on the field, playing Rugby and lifting each other spirits. Favorite Quote: "If you want to run fast run alone, but if you want to run far, run together"



Coach Josh

From Fond du Lac, WI to Laredo, Texas

Coach Josh and his family moved to Laredo, Texas in 2007 after Josh served for almost nine years in the US Army.  Coach Josh served on multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and now he does a lot of work in the veteran community in Laredo.


Coach Josh started playing rugby while in High School for the Fond du Lac Stoutman.  He also tried out and made the USA U-19 Eagles Team.  Coach Josh played international matches in Australia, in the World Cup Qualifier in Trinidad and Tobago, and eventually the World Cup in Chili.  Coach Josh played for the first USA team to win a World Cup Game when Team USA defeated Sri Lanka.


Coach Josh believes that his faith in God, coupled with the lessons he learned while playing rugby helped prepare him for his many combat deployments and all other life challenges.  Learning to get back up after getting knocked down and to never give up at such a young age was so instrumental in Coach Josh's life and he wants to pass that on to the youth.


Coach Josh and his wife Gina have two beautiful young children and serve at their local Church, "Grace Bible Church."  Josh and Gina feel that by serving the communities youth their young children will start to understand the positive life lessons they are trying to teach others.  Josh and Gina hope their children develop a love for rugby and service to others! Favorite Quote: "Your no good standing around, get in the involved."

Coach Mario

From Saskatchewan, Canada to Laredo, Texas

 Coach Mario, is a native Laredoian, raised in Ragina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Coach Mario played American football later was later introduced to the greatest sport on the universe called rugby by a "bunch of old men."  As he played he fell in love with rugby.  The brute force, unselfish, respective manners and the best TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP!  Coach Mario went on to represent Ragina Condors Rugby Football Club throughout Canada and today reserves a flight to go back and mingle with "bunch of old men."


Coach Mario later attended the University of Texas, Longhorn.  In Austin, Texas, Coach Mario pioneered and structured the longhorn rugby program.  Today, UT Longhorns Rugby is one of the best collegiate teams and considered one of the premier collegiate champions in the past 25 years.  Native to Laredo and true to his Canadian side, Coach Mario continues to share his experience in the sport of hockey leading the Laredo Bucks to multiple championships.  


Now as the Catan Boys Head Coach.  Coach Mario continues his success as the boys High School Rugby club first year was congratulated and recognized for winning the Bronze State Champions in 2019.   Coach Mario dedications and commitment to the boys reflects the importance of passing his experience, knowledge and love for rugby to the next generation on making sound decision, being different and selfless attributes.  Favorite Quotes:  "Do it right! Don't cheat yourself now!"

Coach Yeni

From Alexandria, Virginia to Laredo, Texas

In May of 2019, Coach Yeni Aguero moved from Wichita, KS to Laredo, TX. Coach Yeni is from Alexandria, VA.   Coach Yeni played rugby for her first time at T.C Williams High School in Alexandria, VA.  She loved it so much, she continued her passion onto the collegiate level playing for the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.  


After getting married in 2013, Coach Yeni and her family moved to Wichita, Kansas where she played another year of rugby in a women league.  Coach Yeni and her husband have two wonderful children, one of which will be starting rugby this season!  


Coach Yeni LOVES Rugby because it is not just a sport and its not just another team, IT IS A FAMILY!!!  Its something different and different is always good. (its crazy fun to play too).  "I want to pass down to our youth what was passed down to me.  And that is this wonderful sport called RUGBY.  I LOVE RUGBY!!!

Favorite Quote:  "Don't be afraid of failure because it'll only hold you back."  


Disclaimer:  Laredo Catan Youth Rugby does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.